Just checking this still worked and that I still remembered the password.

Nothing much to report from down under while Im here except...
Big belly getting BIGGER
Just made Cream of Broccoli Soup (Sy's portion has stinky horrid stilton in it)
Irwin is still as lovely as ever
Sy has had lovely new off road tyres fitted to the Patrol today
I had a nice long massage today (it's my RDO)
Roast chicken for dinner (much better than fish'n'chips, unless the fish is one that Sy caught of course)
Got a postcard from our lovely nephew Sam today :)
I went shopping today to try to find a button up nightie that didnt look like I'd nicked it from a granny... no luck, BAH!
I should be packing my hospital bag instead of doing this.

Cheerio till next year I guess.
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we have no news
how boring

Its too windy for fishing this weekend :(

At least it's warm enough to swim in the pool, even Irwin has had a dip today.

I have two RDO's this week, we are thinking of going camping somewhere.
Maybe we will take Sy's new kyack.

I managed to throw Irwins frisbee onto the roof of the garage, I was hoping the wind might blow it down but it doesnt look like that will happen so I guess I best go looking for the ladder and that really tall guy I live with.


I love days off

Today is my RDO and Irwin and I have been to the beach with Justin
Justin went snorkelling & Irwin & I went swimming, yes thats right I went swimming!
The weather is prefect today, our weather station is currently reading 29.8 degrees and its 4pm and noticably cooler than it was at lunchtime when we were on the beach, must've been 32 I rekon. I even got my hair wet, Irwin loved swimming today, he is getting much more confident in the water.
Simon unfortunately couldnt get the day off so to make up for it & to make the most of a full moon, not much wind & having a boat, we are going out to 'the patch' tonight fishing.
I have negotiated another RDO per month with my boss to make up for working every saturday, so now thats 2 a month, HURRAH. I will also get a 4pm early week once a month (it used to be 5) I am very happy.

Also a BIG WELCOME TO THE WORLD goes to little Bea.
BIG HUGS to the US clan, we love you all hundreds and are very happy for you!
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1 in 200 year flood

We were one of the lucky ones.
Mackay is still in a mess and the clean up will take weeks I should think.
I cant believe we have experienced something like this, it's the sort of thing you see on the news happening to people you dont know in a place you have never lived.
People are coping remarkably well with their losses, the community of Mackay has really pulled together and lovely stories of strangers helping one another, food vans delivering free hot food, cars being lent out to people who have lost theirs, tradespeople offering their services FOC and it would seem insurance companies are looking after their clients too.

Crazy, crazy weather.... its very hot and sunny today,
nice to have the sun at last.

Eight Crazy Fun Happy Years 18/09/07

We were supposed to have the day together but unfortunately sy had to work, so i had the day to myself except for lunchtime when i met Sy at Patricia Drive to do another inspection of our new house. We will be moving next friday and we are soooooooooooooo excited, looking forward to getting home from work and watching Neighbours or The Simpsons on the outside tv whilst sitting in the pool.... ahhhh
I spent the afternoon pricing up new furniture and have found a well priced kingsize bed which i'm quite excited about.
Our evening was spent at Pacinos on the waterfront, the food was nice as always but its the atmosphere and location that is great, we get to eat our dinner and watch the fishies swim beneath us:) Duncan was our taxi for the evening so when we finished our wine he came to pick us up, it was so nice not having to wait around for Mackay Taxis that take forever.

I finally went to the doctors about my ear, i've been worried that I'm going deaf, turns out i have a nasty case of Tropical Ear, i now have drops for it but am waiting for the results from the swab she took which could mean different treatment. So the reason i cant hear out of it is because my ear canal is very swollen and blocked and infected....YUCK!!!!!!
Got told off by the doc for letting it go on for too long:(

Back to Cairns...

Had a great time in NT Darwin is awsome, enjoyed a flight over Kakadu & swimming in the Buley Rockpools in Litchfield National Park, we both agreed it was the prettiest place we've ever been swimming.
Got up at 345 this morning to check in for our flight by 5 only to find it has been cancelled. Now we are getting the 7am flight to Alice Springs and then stopping for 4 hrs before getting the connecting flight to Cairns, Sy was not happy but i see it as another place to visit albeit briefly and it's free!

Loads of love & hugs
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We are on a time limit in an internet cafe, and i've been drinking wine so this will be short,
in cairns, sat on the beach today for hrs reading and chilling twas lovely, had a night in townsville and drank far too much and did get home till late, party animals we are!!!!
we fly from here to darwin on saturday for 5 days and are really looking forwad to it.
hopefully see some of kakadu or litchfield NP. tomorrow were looking for a water hole for swimming.
went shopping today, had a blast but wished mum &/or kay was with me. sy did his boaty thing whilst i was enjoying the retail therapy.
love u all hundreds
from the both of us

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Lots of rain
Huge tide
Very windy
Most schools closed
All buses cancelled
Alot of streets are flooded, trees up rooted.
The Forgan Bridge is now closed & Hospital Bridge has been closed since yesterday, Malcomson St is closed, Keeleys Rd is closed- I aqua planed all the way down that road this morning, very scarey.
Traffic lights are out in alot of places around town, traffic is chaos.
There is currently only one possible way for me to get home and it is likely that by this afternoon that way will be blocked off too.
May have to get Sy to pick me up in a tinnie.

Should've brought my flippers into work, could've swam home!

Please send candles and vodka and chocolate!
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Happy 27th Birthday Wacky!

I have been to the mole scan clinic today, something i have been meaning to do since well over a year ago.
The two moles that Sy and I thought would be nasty are just fine, phew!
The nurse looked over my back and seemed satisfied that all was well there so I began putting my shirt back on and feeling quite relieved. Then she says 'Oh my, that one definatley needs looking at!' I thought she was looking at the big evil spot I have on my chin and I thought to myself, surely (shirley) she can tell that's not a mole. Unsure, so I said to her 'um actually, that's just a pimple' she smirked and said 'I wasn't looking at that' then told me that I do have a small, but very black spot on my neck. The scan revealed that it has the makings of a very horrible mole, but not one that needs to have the chop as yet, we'll see about that in six months at my next check up.
The scanner was amazing, it showed many different layers of your skin and you could see just how far the mole was growing inwards, my nasty one was through too the second layer but pushing the third.
Anyway enough of this boring stuff, we're going out tonight so i might grab a coffee before i leave work.

Must eat lamb chops, cooked on the barbie, yummy, yum, yum.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BRO, we hope you are having a great time at The Big Day Out, I dont even know what bands are playing there this year, must be getting old.
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